Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Money Shot: Radiohead Not The First R'N'R Bodysnatchers, Why Music Is Free and Sex, Drugs & Rockin' With Moby...

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Back on deck, the saint who never was (Fairfax Digital)
MS: Moby says his past admissions of hedonistic behaviour were only the tip of the iceberg, but he kept mostly quiet so as not to unduly offend those fans attracted by his "straight-edge reputation". But he now admits to ending up in therapy for substance abuse. He finally stopped taking drugs when the extent of his memory loss left him fearing he'd end up "the person at parties gibbering and rocking quietly in a corner". The sex parties lost their appeal, too. "Liquor and drugs diminish your inhibitions and you connect with people you wouldn't connect with when you're sober," he muses.

Rising price of fame in the land of the free (Telegraph UK)
MS: "This is a case where the product has become free because of sheer economic gravity, with or without a business model. That force is so powerful that laws, guilt trips, DRM, and every other barrier to piracy the labels can think of have failed. Some artists give away their music online as a way of marketing concerts, merchandise, licensing and other paid fare. But others have accepted that, for them, music is not a money-making business. It's something they do for other reasons, from fun to creative expression."

The Top 10... Weirdest rock 'n' roll deaths (Mirror UK)
MS: 10. After dying of a drug overdose, country rock pioneer Gram Parsons’ body disappeared from the Los Angeles International Airport.

Maintaining his alleged promise, Parsons’ road manager Phil Kaufman and a friend managed to steal the star’s body from the airport and, in a borrowed hearse, drove Parsons' body to Joshua Tree national park in California where he attempted to cremate it.

The pair were arrested several days later but got away with a $700 fine for burning the coffin, as stealing a body was not recognised as a crime in the state.

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