Monday, April 14, 2008

The Money Shot: Indie Rock Is The Next Adult Contemporary, Bands Are Still Selling Out & Is Natalie Portman Really Dating Devendra Banhart? (Really?)

The latest update has some troubling news...

Spending on live music up this year (Hollywood Reporter)
MS: North American-based companies will spend an estimated $1.04 billion to sponsor music venues, festivals, tours and concerts this year, a 4% increase over 2007, according to a new study.

"The 4% growth rate is down from the double-digit increases seen in previous years, due in large part to the slowing economy," said William Chipps, senior editor of IEG Sponsorship Report, which tracks sponsorship spending. "But, by and large, corporate spending on live music remains healthy."

Natalie Portman's New Boyfriend: Loveable Hippie Or Serial Killer? (Defamer Australia)
MS: So who is this caveman-esque guy and what on earth is Natalie thinking? While at first glance folksy singer Devendra Banhart hardly looks like a pretty boy, we found some far more flattering shots of Natalie's new arm candy with his guitar from years ago. And even if Devendra's put on a pound or two since they were taken, we still had to do a double take and make sure we weren't looking at photos of Jim Morrison himself.

How Indie Rock Morphed Into Adult Contemporary
(New York Press)
MS: The indie kids learned to do a lot in the last decade: First they found downloading, then they discovered dancing and finally—they went to work. And on their way to their 10 a.m. start times, their casual Mondays-through-Fridays, their five-dollar-a-day coffee habits, they assembled a so-appropriate soundtrack. Something that keeps their cred intact, their superiors pacified (even at audible-over-the-cubicles volume) and their New Yorker reading appropriately soundtracked.

Listen to Musical Justice

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