Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Money Shot: Record Companies Trying To Shake Down AM/FM and Ticket Resellers and Your Illegal MP3 Blog Might Be Illegal...

Today's headlines...

MP3 Blogs Offer File Sharing Even the RIAA Could Love (Wired)
MS: The RIAA declined to comment for this story, but the publisher of one MP3 aggregator, who asked to remain anonymous, says music labels have been extremely cooperative. This blogger monitors more than 3,000 music blogs daily, providing links to files that have been uploaded to various music lockers. And no, the blogger has never been asked by a label to take a link down.

"Actually, we've been contacted by labels, promo agencies and even musicians and bands to help promote them. Which we've done, free of charge," the blogger wrote by email.

Reverse payola: Group pushing radio stations to pay performers (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
MS: "The giant record companies have not adapted to the times and have seen their revenues shrinking because they didn't make music available on a digital basis. Instead of adapting their business model, they've spent the last few years suing college kids and grandmothers'' over illegal downloads of online music. "Now they see radio stations as an opportunity to make up the losses that are the result of really bad business decisions on their part."

Music group seeks share in concert ticket re-sales (Reuters)
MS: "What they are saying here is no different to (saying) that if you had a used Ford car you should pay Ford a tax when you sold it," he told Reuters. "If I have a Harry Potter book to re-sell, do I pay J.K. Rowling twice?"

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