Friday, November 09, 2007

The Money Shot: Radiohead Call Bullshit on Sales Reports, Novoselic Blogs, The Killers Suck Up 2 Elton & Honestly, Are U Stealing Music at Work?

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Krist Novoselic's SW Debut: Smells Like (Put Word Here) Spirit (Seattle Weekly)
MS: I don’t do a lot of Nirvana interviews. I could do a documentary interview about the band everyday, forever! For better or worse, the digital revolution is the great leveler. You don’t need the volume of knowledge regarding shutter speeds, light conditions for film stock or other expensive aspects of celluloid.

Most companies fail to block music threat (Reuters)
MS: Two-thirds of IT managers polled said they do not block employees from taking music off the Web, even though they named it as the biggest threat.

Radiohead Deny Reports That 60 Percent Of Fans Paid Nothing For In Rainbows (MTV)
MS: In the statement, Radiohead said the comScore data was "wholly inaccurate" and that it "in no way reflected definitive market intelligence or, indeed, the true success of the project." To date, neither Radiohead nor their U.S. publicist, Steve Martin, have agreed to discuss any of the financial aspects of the download scheme, including how many copies were sold or how much fans paid on average.

Denying that the average non-freeloader fan paid only $6 for the download, as suggested by comScore's report, the group's representatives also stressed in the statement that "as the album could only be downloaded from the band's Web site, it is impossible for outside organizations to have accurate figures on sales."

Killers' new alibi: Lou Reed (Baltimore Sun)
MS: Do you have plans to work with other artists you admire?

If there comes a time. It would be nice to work with somebody new, you know? It seems like nobody gets together enough anymore. It would be nice to do something with Elton John or something.

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