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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help Musical Justice Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary

MJ Listeners/Readers -

It's true. Ten years ago today, Musical Justice was born with the hope of rescuing indie rock lovers from mainstream radio one song at a time. Over those 10 years, we've played over 17 million songs to more than 1 million listeners in 130+ countries around the world. We couldn't have piled up stats like that without your support.

So we've got a small favor to ask. Help us celebrate this milestone by doing just one thing to help us get a new listener. Some ideas you might consider include:

* Post us to your Facebook page
* Tweet about our anniversary
* Add us to your email signature line
* Mention us on your blog
* Write about us on your favorite artists' message board
* If you haven't checked in for awhile, give us a listen yourself

Thanks again for listening and have a great 2010!

The Musical Justice Team

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