Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Money Shot: Sub Pop Turns 20, Everybody's a Critic (seriously), and Wal-Mart = Blind Squirrel Finding Nut

Current headlines...

The end of the critic? (LA Times)
MS: "We tend to be wary of anything that seems over-hyped, whether it's by critics or over-advertising," said Courtney Lear. "Personally, I trust certain actors, artists or directors from previous experiences. The Arcade Fire is playing in Hollywood? Their last album rocked my socks off. When do tickets go on sale? They've already gained my trust."

SP Festival Rumors Swirl
(Seattle Sound)
MS: According to a reputable source very close to the festival, who was plied with booze until he let the cat out of the bag, plans for Sub Pop’s 20th Anniversary Festival are in full swing. The dates are set, the location has been chosen and bands are being booked.

Wal-Mart Abandons Windows DRM, Sony/BMG and Warner (Wired)
MS: As Wal-Mart switches to the MP3 music format and redesigns its music store, it leaves behind Microsoft's digital rights management technology, which prevented the songs it sold from being played on iPods. The company has also ditched Sony/BMG and Warner Music Group, for now anyway, probably due to licensing squabbles about the terms of the transition to unprotected music.

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