Monday, April 28, 2008

The Money Shot: Music Industry Wants A Handout From Everyone, Paul Simon = Song Thief?, Is Pitchfork On The Mark or Jumping The Shark?

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Pitchfork separates the musical wheat from the pop chaff
MS: Today, Pitchfork is more polished, more professional and more responsible than it used to be, and deservedly more popular. It is even making money. But it's also less idiosyncratic and has lost some of the roughness that helped give it a cutting edge. The same kind of thing happens to indie bands when they hit the mainstream.

Whether Pitchfork will turn into a rich dinosaur like Rolling Stone remains to be seen, but it looks like staying sharp for at least a few more years.

Hangin' With Steve Berlin (JamBase)
MS: "You don't like it? Sue me. You'll see what happens." We were floored. We had no idea. The record (Graceland) comes out, and he's a big hit. Retroactively, he had to give songwriting credit to all the African guys he stole from that were working on it and everyone seemed to forget. But that's the kind of person he is. He's the world's biggest prick, basically.

The Music Industry's Extortion Scheme
MS: Warner Music Group is trying to rally the rest of the industry behind a plan to charge Internet service providers $5 per customer per month, an amount that would be added to your Internet bill. In exchange, music lovers would get all the online tunes they want, meaning that anyone who spends more than $60 a year on music will come out way ahead. Download whatever you want and pay nothing! No more DRM! Swap files to your heart's content—we promise, we won't sue you (or snatch your ice-cream cone)!

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