Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Money Shot: Guess What? Winehouse's Next Record Will Be Dark (Really?), U2's Big Sellout and Why People Buy Records...

Today's headlines...

Why do people buy records?
MS: I think that many people buy records not just to hear the music, and in some cases not to hear the music at all. There’s an employee here who actually pays money to buy secondhand CDs on eBay of his favorite ’80s artists like Annie Lennox. He has all the music already - he just wants to put the CD on a shelf. When I was 12 or 13 and first started haunting used record stores in Boston, I wanted to smell and feel and touch the vinyl, the cardboard jackets, the musty smell of the carpets. This wasn’t just nostalgia: I’ve always been a collector of things - stamps, coins, books. I like to amass stuff and display it. Of course I love to handle, read and listen them too. But owning and listening aren’t unconnected. The whole thing is interconnected and intertwined.

Amy Winehouse preparing new, 'darker' album (NME)
MS: "Her next album is darker than ever. Her problems are pushing her over the edge and she's turning into a depressed recluse. She's written quite a lot of the third album already. It is very, very dark but she produces some of her best music when she's in pain - and the past few months have been hell for her."

Live Nation locks up U2 (The Hollywood Reporter)
MS: Live Nation has inked a deal with U2 that puts the promoter in business with one of the world's highest-earning bands for more than a decade.

The 12-year pact with Live Nation Artists includes worldwide touring, merchandising and the band's Web site, Unlike the landmark deal Madonna signed with LNA last year, this is not a true 360-degree pact; there is no publishing component, and the band retains its relationship with Universal Music to release music.

"It's not do or die that we have to have everything," said Michael Cohl, Live Nation chairman of the board and CEO of Live Nation Artists. "We just have to have certain critical mass, and we more than have it in this deal."

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