Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Money Shot: Getting Naked With Shelby Lynne, Billy Corgan's Rage & Chris Cornell's American Idol Response...

Today's headlines...

Lynne connects with a raw, intimate sound
MS: "Music is supposed to be emotional. It's supposed to strike chords in you that you didn't know existed. You're supposed to be naked with music," Lynne says in a rust-colored, Alabama-bred accent that turns naked into nekkid. "It's supposed to be an emotional ride, and you need to have a hangover after it."

Corgan's Fury (Rolling Stone)
MS: These people, they treat your music like it's worthless and they treat you like you're even more worthless. And that goes for our current label, Warner Bros., too. There's no passion. There's no love. There's no respect. It's just, like you're just a number. You might as well be some cookies, or a rock. I really think it's total arrogance on their part. I think they just thought they could get away with [using our music for the Pepsi promotion] and we wouldn't do anything about it. And luckily enough we have the ability to do something about it.

Cornell Chats 'Idol'/'Billie Jean' Performance
MS: "Don't get me wrong. He sang it great," he continues. "But it was literally a note-for-note take on what I came up with. At the end of the day, it's all good. It's a good thing for me. There was a moment when I was sitting there writing this new arrangement thinking, 'Is this a good idea or a bad idea?' Watching the response from the judges was really gratifying. They were signing off on it right there. It was something that worked. It was an idea that went over huge. When I play it live on tour, it brings the house down every time."

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