Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Money Shot: Elvis Costello Takes On Leno?, Lekman Loves Love, and Malkmus Name Checks U2, Arcade Fire & Radiohead...

Today's headlines...

Elton John Backing Elvis Costello TV Show (Billboard)
MS: "I'm not interested in extracting some dark secret," Costello says of the show. "I'd rather hear about a bright secret, a deep love or a curiosity that might be otherwise obscured by fame. This is a wonderful opportunity to talk in complete thoughts about music, movies, art or even vaudeville, then frame it with unique and illustrative performances."

That's Amore: Jens Lekman
MS: I don't think people are less romantic than I am, or less romantic than people used to be. I think that they just need to communicate more with each other. That's where love comes from. I see a lot of it in Americans especially. The people here are passionate.

Interviews: Stephen Malkmus (AV Club)
MS: We just do what we do. I would quantify our sound as more underground than indie, in that it's not catering to a fashion, so much as indie happens to be a fashion now. But the underground lives on regardless. It always does. Because there are so many people making music, and there are enough people just making it to their own taste. In-your-face type music. The indie moniker has obviously grown with movies like Juno and The Arcade Fire or whatever. U2 wants to hang around with Arcade Fire. U2 didn't want to hang around with Pavement. It's too different, you know? Maybe they're better or something. Or maybe we were, you know, not a threat. The difference between U2 and Pavement was quite vast. It's grown narrower--closer, I guess. Radiohead being the biggest band in the world.

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