Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Money Shot: Why Rock Radio Sucks, Winehouse Has Months to Live and The Best Ass In The History of Rock?

The latest headlines...

The Strokes' 'Is This It' cover model revealed (NME)
MS: “I walked out of the shower and I was completely naked,” she recalls. “I was walking around the house – he was like, put this glove on. I walked over, boom, that was the shot.”

Is Rock Radio Slowly Going Post-Modern? (Idolator)
MS: Now, all that remains is pretty much straightforward guitar rock. Jack Johnson or Eddie Vedder might sneak an acoustic guitar in there now and then, and Linkin Park still throw drum machines and rapping into their tunes, but big, compressed power chords rule Alternative and Active stations alike. And if Billboard's Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock singles charts feature half of the same songs, as they frequently do these days, how long will it be until Billboard realizes they only need one chart, or radio brass realize they only need one kind of rock station.

Amy Winehouse 'has months to live' says husband (NME)
MS: “Every day I fear the prison chaplain is going to walk into my cell and break the news that Amy is dead.”

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