Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Money Shot: Too Much To Listen To = Listening To Less?, Moz Is A Bitch To Work For, & Cat Power's Career Choices...

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Cat Power's nine lives (Times Online)
MS: “I was under so many layers of self-hatred,” she recalls, “that I couldn’t open up. It never dawned on me that I was a singer until two years ago. I was on tour, I’m singing and I’m sober, and I’m like, ‘Holy shit, I’m singing, and this is easy and fun.’ Before, it was always so emotional, because it wasn’t where I’d pictured myself being. I pictured myself living in a cold coastal town, no tourists, an alone person. I never wanted to be a singer. I wanted to be a painter, or a dancer, or a baker, or a teacher – or president of the United States.”

22,000 Songs and Nothing to Listen To (Seattle Weekly)
MS: "Less album listening means that people aren't forced to listen to things that don't turn them on right away, and as a result, tastes change less." Yep: Having 6 million songs at hand means that tastes actually change less. It's a common predicament for anyone wanting to expand their tastes, knowing that there's no reason to listen to, say, the end of a song, much less an entire album you don't "get" right away. Even though it ultimately will expand my palette, do I really have the patience to get into heavy metal when I already know I love Spoon?

I was Morrissey's roadie (Times Online)
MS: “What was the first record you ever bought? Moz asks everyone that, I’m told. What would your answer be?”

Being involved in music I have often been asked this question and my policy recently has been honesty. It wasn’t the Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols or the Jesus and Mary Chain, it was Rocket Man, by Elton John. “F*** me, Andrew,” he says. “Don’t tell Moz that, you’ll be right out the door. T. Rex is always good.”

It’s not long before I make another apparent faux pas. We are listening to Indie 103, one of the best alternative rock radio shows in LA. I am asked if I have heard the station’s show by the Sex Pistol Steve Jones. I say I have but also like to listen to Henry Rollins, whose Harmony in my Head show is on the same station. This is met with a frown and then silence. I wonder if I have said something else wrong, then forget it.

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