Monday, January 07, 2008

The Money Shot: Taking Your iPod To Work, Death Cab's Curveball and Reznor's Unrealistic Expectations...

The latest news...

Death Cab Throwing A 'Curve Ball' On New Album (Billboard)
MS: It's really, really good, I think, but it's totally a curve ball, and I think it's gonna be a really polarizing record. But I'm really excited about it. It's really got some teeth. The landscape of the thing is way, way more lunar than the urban meadow sort of thing that has been happening for the last couple of records.

Trent Reznor 'disheartened' by state of music industry (NME)
MS: "As of 1/2/08, 154,449 people chose to download Saul's new record. 28,322 of those people chose to pay $5 for it, meaning: 18.3% chose to pay."

Reznor added: "Is it good news that less than one in five feel it was worth $5? I'm not sure what I was expecting but that percentage -- primarily from fans -- seems disheartening."

iPods in the Workplace: Diligence or Distraction? (Mac News World)
MS: "It seems fine if a person is flying solo, like an information-technology technician who spends a lot of time in transit to user sites," Robin says. However, they're "safety no-nos," he says, in other cases.

"What if you can't hear a forklift approaching?" Robin asks.

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