Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Money Shot: R.E.M.'s Sex Video?, Patterson Proud That DBT's "Demanding", and Apple Sez "iTunes Are To Razor Blades as Macs Are To Razors..or Not"

More headlines...

Apple's Strategy: Rent iTunes to Sell Macs, iPods (PC World)
MS: When asked by an analyst during the earnings conference call if the goals for iTunes rentals was profitability or incremental Apple TV sales, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer responded that the company hoped to run the iTunes Store a little above break even, but selling iPods and Macs was the main strategy.

R.E.M. Shoots Video At NYC Sex Shop, Restaurant (Billboard)
MS: The trio then moved next door to sex toy emporium Babeland around 8 p.m. A pair of cameras captured them playing near the window display at the front of the store to an audience of surprised employees. Babeland co-owner Claire Cavanah says a band representative had called just that afternoon proposing the store as a location for part of the video.

Patterson Hood On "Demanding" Records, And His Fave Classic Rock LPs (Stereogum)
MS: It's the true nature of what we do that the best Rock is sometimes the most challenging. My favorite artists and bands challenge my thinking, my preconceptions and sometimes my patience. If I didn't love contrary I wouldn't have spent nearly 23 years slugging it out with Cooley. I also wouldn't be a Neil Young, Todd Rundgren or Bob Dylan fan.

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