Monday, January 21, 2008

The Money Shot: The Next Radiohead is Rhett Miller?, Cuban Says "Album's Dead" (Duh!), Maximo Park's Not In It For The Money...

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The Album Is Dead (Blog Maverick)
MS: Reading last week's Billboard, something interesting popped out at me. The song Low Rider by Flo Rida sold 467,000 units in a single week. There were 27 digital singles that sold more than 100k units in that week. The obvious trend continues that people are ready, willing and able to buy singles of songs they like.

So the question arises, why don't artists serialize the release of songs ? Why not create a "season" of release of songs, much like the fall TV season and promise fans that Flo Rida is going to release a new single every week or 2 weeks for the next 10 weeks ?

Sure, its not easy to come up with a great song every 2 weeks. But isnt that exactly the same problem you have with an album ? Maybe thats not the "creative process" for certain artists. That's a problem for them.

What we do know is that music fans will spend 99c and that its easier to ask them for 99c a week than it is to get 9.99 at one time from them for 10 songs.

Maximo Park: 'Rivals put money ahead of art' (NME)
MS: "There's too many people trying to be like something else to fit in and make money,” he told the Daily Record. “I was never in a band to make money, I was in it to do the best for myself and to play alongside other people who have the same ideas.”

Rhett Miller at the Black Cat Tonight (Georgetown Voice)
MS: I have not signed another record deal for my solo stuff, and my manager is talking to some major labels that are interested. I’m just not sure if I believe in it anymore. I just don’t really see why I couldn’t record an album myself and put it up on my website and then that’s it. You know you don’t get paid for this stuff, that’s not how musicians have gotten paid in years unless you’re a superstar. So why not? Why not just leave them out of the loop?

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