Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Money Shot: Man Sets Fire To Radio Career, Monkeys Lead NME Pack, & Fighting With Johnny Rotten...

The latest news...

Man Upset About Music Sets Fire To Radio Station (NBC 5)
MS: Feinstein told investigators that he was "very unhappy" about the changes to his playlist, said Austin Fire Department Battalion Chief Greg Nye. The songs were intended for an Internet broadcast that occurs when the station is off the air.

"He had a dream of a career in radio and was very disappointed about where it had led him," Nye said.

John Lydon in family feud (Music News)
MS: "Doctors later told us he has a bad heart. He had been on blood pressure tablets for 25 years and had high cholesterol. "John said to me, 'How can a fit man die of a heart attack?' He was really aggressive and implied it was my fault. I ended up putting the phone down on him. My John was not a fit man, he was ill. His mind was going too. I think John is trying to cut me out now. It's just too awful for words."

Arctic Monkeys get record seven NME nominations (Reuters)
MS: The Arctic Monkeys are contesting the best British band, best live band, best album, best track, best video and best video album artwork categories, while lead singer Alex Turner is nominated for the "best dressed" award.

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