Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Money Shot: John Edwards' Balls, Stipe Gets Rejected and Inside Stephen Merritt's Closet...

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For a Musical Polymath, Only the Wardrobe Color Stays the Same (NY Times)
MS: Which brings us back to Mr. Merritt’s aesthetic sense. He started dressing in brown about five years ago. “It’s going really well,” he said. “I had a green shirt that looked brown when I bought it, but I recently got rid of it.” All his pants are khakis. His homes — he has an apartment in New York and house and studio in Los Angeles — are decorated in brown and bright red. “If I didn’t make these decisions ahead of time, because my tastes tend to be sort of eclectic, I would have disasters,” Mr. Merritt said. “This is not an O.C.D. thing. This is a way of warding off what other people regard as horrendous, egregious errors in taste.”

The Indie Rock Presidential Primary (Torr)
MS: "Hillary's obviously a bit full of shit. Barack was amazing as a local Chicago politician, but seems to be learning the front-runner game now and, like Hillary, has stopped saying anything at all. Edwards has balls. He seems to be an actual friend of the worker."

Stipe Dismissed As Potential Juror (AP)
MS: Stipe told Clarke County Superior Court Judge Lawton Stephens on Monday he could not be fair and impartial in the case because he has been the target of stalkers and death threats, the Athens Banner-Herald reported.

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