Friday, January 04, 2008

The Money Shot: Bettye Lavette Is Going To Kick Your Ass, Radiohead Finally Comes to iTunes and Pearl Jam Next To Go Label-less?

The latest headlines...

Radiohead say OK computer to iTunes (Times Online)
MS: One of the last important bands not to allow their music to be sold through iTunes, Radiohead have now agreed a deal with the Apple computer giant to release their new material.

Love, others may follow Radiohead's no-label lead (Reuters)
The Seattle group already sells live recordings directly to fans through a proprietary Web interface, and has a history of eliminating the middleman to make its work more affordable to fans. With a distribution and payment model already set up for the live material, it would be a simple matter for the group to add studio albums as well. Pearl Jam has the freedom to do it, as it is signed to Sony BMG's J label on a per-album basis, as opposed to a long-term deal.

Five questions with Grammy nominee Bettye LaVette (Detroit Free Press)
MS: I really don't think very much of this business. And less and less as it becomes more commercialized. If I can sing my heart out and have to run up against somebody who has a million dollars or something, how do I compete? If people would get the stars out of their eyes and stop thinking that (record executive) Clive Davis is going to spend $20 million on everybody then they would learn their craft. I don't care how big your records are, if you should ... wind up with me in a small room with nothing but a baby grand piano, I'm going to kick your ass!

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