Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Money Shot: The BBC Says Check Out The Black Kids, Joe Jackson's Blowing Smoke, and The Shins Really Must Be Rock Stars...

Today's news headlines...

Shins star released from jail after allegedly assaulting girlfriend (NME)
MS: "Hi guys! I'm feeling much better on this new day (after sleeping until noon). I've decided to heed the advice of many commenters (lawyerly types) and friends-lock my last entry about the legal foibles between me and my ex-boyfriend."

Sound of 2008: The Top 10 (BBC News)
They are: A Florida fivesome who create a collision of cool indie and 1980s pop - half Arcade Fire, half Human League.

Still unsigned, they have ridden a huge wave of internet buzz.

The pundits say: "They have a heady mix which sets them apart from the army of bands we all come across every day." Neil McCallum, Channel 4 head of music

They say: "We definitely take something away from every era. I realised a while back that pop music's all about theft."

Joe Jackson: Actually, I quite like landmines (Telegraph UK)
MS: For the past 10 years, Jackson has been a staunch defender of the rights of smokers. As a moderate five-a-day man, he is principally motivated by suspicion of the covert agenda of the anti-smoking lobby, which he dismisses as "a new Prohibition, a racket hugely driven by the pharmaceutical companies in partnership with the World Health Organisation".

Listen to Musical Justice

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