Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Money Shot: Little Steven Takes Kids to School, Cat Power Conjures While U2 Tries to Blot Out Dublin Sun...

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Wonder Woman (The New Yorker)
MS: But “The Covers Record” consisted almost entirely of songs by other people, and, with one exception (the folk song “Salty Dog,” in which Matt Sweeney played the guitar), Marshall sang and played—the piano and the guitar—unaccompanied. Something, probably cigarettes, had rubbed some texture into her voice, and she had learned how to manipulate her breathy middle range. She had found the place, between an incantation and a whisper, where her voice wanted to settle, and revealed herself to be a conjurer, like Nina Simone and Patti Smith: someone who could bring a song home, not through force but by teasing and delaying words, and by resisting standard line readings. Marshall is expert at singing painful lines as if she can’t feel a thing, and at crying out seemingly benign lines as if she’s being lanced.

E Street band's 'Little Steven' develops rock curriculum for schools (NME)
MS: Entitled 'Little Steven's Rock and Roll High School', the course will provide free materials, including teacher guidelines, lesson plans, DVDs and CDs, to help teachers to bring rock and roll history to life in their classrooms in middle schools and high schools.

Building plans give U2 hometown blues (The Guardian)
MS: "Our biggest concern is that the U2 Tower will stick out of the skyline from parts of Georgian Dublin like Merrion Square. It could potentially be an incongruous blot on the skyline on the south side of the city,"

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