Monday, December 03, 2007

The Money Shot: Alejandro's Pain, Mick Jones Isn't Punk and Arctic Monkeys = Death Ramps

Clash Legend Mick Jones on His Crazy Fans, His New Album, and Why He Didn't Download ‘In Rainbows’ (New York Magazine)
MS: Do you worry that fans are going to come to your shows expecting to hear punk?

Oh no, I hope not. I hope that if they liked what Tony and I did in the past, hopefully they will be interested in what we’re doing now. It’s really different. We’re older guys. We’ve got lives and stuff. What we write about is how things affect our lives as we are now. We’re not trying to be like young guys prancing around like idiots.

Arctic Monkeys release new songs secretly (NME)
MS: The vinyl, limited to 250 copies, is being sold via Domino's website though the label are not confirming who is behind it, explaining: "Unfortunately, we're not allowed to tell you the true identity of The Death Ramps but needless to say they're a band with A Certain Romance (wink, wink)."

Success the Hard Way: Alejandro Escovedo (Read Express)
MS: "As a songwriter, there's this room. No one enters but me. It's lonely, sometimes painful. The songs you get that are completely illuminated and transcend that room are rare," says Escovedo. "They're a great joy. But I don't want to live there anymore. I want to direct the songwriting away from me."

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