Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Money Shot: Take the Homeless Scalping, White Stripes Get Shot, The Killer Sobers Up & 25 Rock Moments on The Daily Show...

The latest headlines...

White Stripes Shoot Video, Record New Songs (Billboard)
MS: According to the group's Web site, the Stripes have "recorded three never-before-heard original songs (with a special collaboration) and one unique new version of a song" from this year's "Icky Thump."

Web scalping boosts ticket prices and frustration (USA Today)
MS: "I was sandwiched between six homeless people, all of whom were given cash by some guy and told to buy the best seats they could," he says. "People were ticked. I don't begrudge anyone from making a buck. But you think the city would have had more control."

Jerry Lee Lewis: Last man standing' from the dawn of rock (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
MS: While family and friends prayed for him, Lewis sent for his pals Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson. "I flew in there to see him, but John was afraid of him," Kristofferson recalls. "Only thing I ever saw John afraid of! Jerry Lee said he was finished with drinking and he was only gonna do gospel songs."

A few months later, Lewis was on the road again. Before a show in New Jersey, as Kristofferson looked on, Lewis downed a bottle of whiskey and warmed up with Jimmie Rodgers and Al Jolson oldies. So much for Lewis' vow to mend his ways.

The 25 Greatest Rock & Roll Moments on The Daily Show (Rolling Stone)
MS: With The Daily Show currently enjoying a union-enforced vacation and Jon Stewart popping up in our new Fortieth Anniversary issue, we browsed through the Daily Show gang’s enormous video library and selected the twenty-five funniest, most rocking moments. From dancing with Springsteen to a rare Tom Waits TV appearance to the Spice Girls inciting riotous laughter, these clips will definitely help fill the gap until new episodes are back on the air.

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