Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Money Shot: 'Springsteen Moments', Freeloading Radiohead Fans & Björk: Freaky Genius or Just Freaky?

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Here's our own top-10 list of musical geniuses (Ottawa Citizen)
MS: 7. Björk: One of the best debuts in history is 1993's Debut, a dizzying and slightly disturbing dance-pop classic that reinvented this former Sugarcubes frontwoman as an Icelandic island unto herself. Weird? David Lynch is weird. Björk is seriously freaky. But in a good way.

Young lad adds own touch to Springsteen Moments (
MS: Springsteen had seen the boy earlier in the show and asked him what had happened to the sign he'd been brandishing. He stepped down on the catwalk in front of the stage, politely took the sign from the little boy, said something to him, then returned to the microphone and held up the sign for all to see.

"Ramrod Please," it said.

"Haven't played it in five years," Springsteen said of the obscurity from 1980's "The River," before firing off its driving six-string intro.

For Radiohead Fans, Does “Free” + “Download” = “Freeload”? (ComScore)
MS: During the first 29 days of October, 1.2 million people worldwide visited the “In Rainbows” site, with a significant percentage of visitors ultimately downloading the album. The study showed that 38 percent of global downloaders of the album willingly paid to do so, with the remaining 62 percent choosing to pay nothing. The percent downloading for free in the U.S. (60 percent) is only marginally lower than in the rest of the world (64 percent).

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