Monday, November 05, 2007

The Money Shot: Sondre Lerche, Ted Leo on Big Questions, Bob Schneider On Singer-Songwriters, EMI Pisses Off All Their Overpaid Artists...

The latest headlines...

Report: EMI will crack down on artists (Business Week)
MS: "While many spend huge amounts of time working with their label to promote, perfect and endorse their music, some unfortunately simply focus on negotiating for the maximum advance ... advances which are often never repaid,"

Leo uses music to ask big questions about world around him (Commercial Appeal)
MS: "I try not to obscure the immediate references in songs. But at the same time, I'm not trying to write the kind of screed that you'd find on the op-ed page of a newspaper," says Leo. "I'm trying to ask bigger questions that are prompted by these specific smaller incidents. Even at their most specific, the issues in the songs are somewhat universal and probably ongoing. Songs that scream about Bush and Blair, or that screamed about Thatcher and Reagan, they're not really about them, they're about the larger issues and ideas that are angering people."

Bob Schneider Live (AZ Central)
MS: "When I think of singer-songwriters, I think of a genre that to me is very limited and a little bit earnest and folkish; but there are lots of guys out there doing some interesting things. I think it's like anything. With any genre most of it is pretty pedestrian. Ninety-five percent of any genre is gonna be pretty much marginal, pedestrian fare. And maybe 4.5 percent is good. And then .1 percent is just exceptionally great."

Sondre Lerche’s less-is-more philosophy results in best album yet (Westender)
MS: I do feel that most of the songs I’ve done on any of my albums, including the Dan in Real Life soundtrack, could fit into all the other albums if they were recorded with the mind-set I’d had at that point. The songwriting just moves along and progresses, but the way in which I choose to dress up the songs for each album is where I need to pursue a variety.

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