Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Money Shot: The RIAA's A Joke, Ivy League Pirates, & Better Than An iPod?

The headlines keep coming...

RIAA Piracy Fight Makes It To The Ivy League (Information Week)
MS: Lamy said that lawsuits are the RIAA's "last preference" but necessary "given the continuing prevalence of music theft on college campuses."

"This theft triggers a harmful domino effect throughout the music community -- thousands of regular, working class musicians and others out of work, record stores shuttered, new bands never signed," he said. "When faced with this reality, we have no choice but to hold those individuals responsible for ignoring the law and all the great new legal ways to get affordable, high-quality music."

Rivals to iPod are music to your ears (Chicago Tribune)
MS: There can be good reasons for not picking an iPod. One, other players often include an FM radio; iPods do not. Two, the following devices worked easily on Microsoft Windows, as does the iPod, and each found and organized the music files I have scattered about the Hewlett-Packard laptop I used for this review. Three, price considerations: Some offer exceptional value.

Who else is laughing at the music industry? (CNET)
MS: Simply put, all we want is to be trusted. Get rid of the DRM and for goodness sake, get rid of that disgusting Recording Industry Association of America, and start trusting that consumers are willing to do what's right if you don't force them into a corner and make them do what's wrong. Will there still be piracy? Sure. But believe it or not, a happy consumer won't mind paying $5 to $10 for an album if you let them.

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