Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Money Shot: 'Rainbows' Send Shivers Down Wall Street, More Cat Power Covers & Decemberists Are Twee?

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Everything you every wanted to know about pop (The Star)
MS: Twee Pop: Dreamy, sickly-sweet melodies, jingley-jangley guitars and lead singers dressed to the nines in tweed, Twee Pop will have you reaching for your literary classics and buying new albums on vynil. Listening to Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura or The Decemberists is bound to make your cheeks hurt from smiling ridiculously wide, while darning your socks.

Radiohead's Web venture spooks Wall Street
MS: "No matter how many people the RIAA sues, no matter how many times music executives point to the growth of digital music, we believe an increasing majority of worldwide consumers simply view recorded music as free," Greenfield wrote.

Cat Power Covers Lil Wayne on Updated Jukebox (Pitchfork)
MS: Gone are Marshall's takes on Creedence's "Fortunate Son" and Chips Moman and Dan Penn's "Dark End of the Street". In their places (well, sort of, as the running order has moved around a bit, too): Jessie Mae Hemphill's "Lord, Help the Poor and Needy" and Joni Mitchell's "Blue". And it's hard to mourn too hard for a pair of lost tracks when Matador's sweetened the new deal with a five-song bonus disc to be included in a "limited edition silver foil deluxe package." It's like a delicious baked potato, only made out of music!

Listen to Musical Justice

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