Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Money Shot: PJ Harvey's Human, Boxed-In Radiohead & Stars Finally Find Out About Something Called "MySpace"?

The latest headlines...

Megastars in Space (Boston Herald)
MS: “The market is here, and the artists and labels know it,” he said. “The direct artist-to-fan relationships gained on MySpace are unmatchable.”

Interview: PJ Harvey (Pitchfork)
MS: I think I'm interested in exploring all manner of being human. The essence of what it is to be a human being on Planet Earth. I think that incorporates many things-- obviously fears, but also love, passion, happiness, joy, anger. I'm interested in everything, in expressing as much as I can about human nature and being a human being and what interests me. That's what engages me with other writers, if I can relate to something that they're saying, because they're expressing something that I've felt at some stage in my life. I know that with my work, I'm only reflecting back what I see around me. To try to articulate that requires understanding or empathy or something. The artists that I love-- whether painters or filmmakers-- it's because something resonates in me because I've felt it. And it's wonderfully comforting experience to know that other people have felt that, and they've expressed it better than you ever could. And through their expression, it's helped me in some way. I think that's the most lovely thing that creative work can do for people.

Radiohead Albums Boxed In Time For Christmas

MS: On the same day, the alternative rock outfit will release for pre-order a limited edition USB stick, shaped in the band's iconic "bear" image. The 4GB memory stick will contain Radiohead's entire catalog in WAV files together with digital artwork. Both formats will be available only from Radioheadstore.com.

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