Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Money Shot: Patty Griffin, Craig Finn's Fascination, LaVette Spars w DBT & You've Got Music...

The latest headlines...

Fountain of Youth (The Stranger)
MS: I'm super fascinated by 19-year-olds because at 36 you can be like, "That's hilarious!" The best lyricists—the people like Springsteen and Dylan and Neil Young—figured it out. They're able to write about adults, and that's a challenge I have to face.

Bettye Lavette: Late Bloomer Gets Her Mojo On (Paste)
MS: “We had original versions of the songs to learn before hooking up with Bettye,” Patterson Hood says, “but that all, rightly, went out the window, so we had to completely rework every song from the ground up. If Bettye was there when we tried to do that, she would stop us every few seconds and nitpick it to the point that we couldn’t get anything done. Most of our temperamental times came during these points. It got where we would sneak in the studio and work up songs when she wasn’t there; then we could iron out the kinks in private and she’d come in and everything would go great.”

Patty Griffin wins at Americana awards (AP)
MS: Patty Griffin, whose songs have been praised for their poetic lyrics, won album of the year and artist of the year awards Thursday at the Americana Music awards. Griffin, 43, won album of the year for "Children Running Through," which some critics have called the most complete work of her career.

Steve Case and Music Luminaries Join to Create Online Music Service Qloud (eMediaWire)
MS: "It is clear that Qloud's My Music has already struck a chord with consumers," said Jim Bankoff, chairman of Qloud and former EVP of AOL. "It is striking to see that My Music is now more popular than, Pandora and Imeem combined on Facebook -- especially since these music brands have been around for years and My Music became available just three months ago."

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