Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Money Shot: The Loudness Wars, Radio's Past = Internet's Future? and Amy Winehouse Is Running Out of Rope...

The latest headlines...

Amy Winehouse fans revolt after shambolic gig (NME)
MS: While performing 'Valerie' as part of the show's encore, Winehouse left the stage again, halfway through the song, this time for good, once more leaving a backing singer to fill in until the show ended.

Audio gain in volume signals loss for listeners (Baltimore Sun)
MS: Studio engineers are pushing the envelope on technology that makes recordings sound louder than ever before - ensnaring listeners in an audio arms race dubbed "The Loudness Wars."

"The level of compact discs went up about 20 decibels in 20 years," observed Bob Katz, chief mastering engineer of Digital Domain, a sound studio in Florida.

Internet is the new radio (London Free Press)
MS: "The music industry was very afraid of radio in the '20s," says Rob Bowman, Grammy-winning music historian and professor of ethnomusicology at Toronto's York University. "If you look at 78s from that period, they often have printed on the label, 'Not licensed for radio play.' Radio was an eminently superior medium, and the music industry thought radio was simply giving away their product -- 'Why would people ever buy 78s if they could hear them all day for free?' was the line of reasoning."

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