Friday, November 09, 2007

The Money Shot: The London Undersound, Okkervil River Are Equal-Opportunity Offenders, Music = Freeware? and Cracker Wants To Sleep On Your Couch...

Even more headlines...

Okkervil River: questioning what's really genuine (Drowned In Sound)
MS: I’ve had conservatives tell me that they can no longer listen to the band because that song offends them, but I’ve also had liberals tell me that they can no longer listen to us because that song is kind of politically ambiguous, that it isn’t enough of a ‘protest’ song. I find that personally gratifying, because I’d feel like I was doing something wrong if I weren’t able to alienate people on both sides of an issue.

Grass-roots tour preserves Cracker's ageless crispness (Des Moines Register)
MS: "You need to go out and tour ... and promote yourself in a grass-roots manner, the way we always did," Lowery explained a couple of weeks ago while at his "second home" (his girlfriend's) in Athens, Ga. "The way we did in Camper Van Beethoven: We were going around playing the punk rock bars in Iowa City and Lincoln, Nebraska, and Lawrence, Kansas, and Austin, Texas. We went out and slept on people's couches."

Music Sharing Plans for London Undersound (PC World)
MS: Each station would have a unique set of tracks specific to that area of the city, making the act of traveling and then the sharing of music part of a social experience, Brewer said. Using their mobiles, people would be able to share tracks via Bluetooth while they're riding the Tube, as well as upload music at Underground stations.

Making music in a world of freeloaders
MS: The pick-your-own price idea isn't novel. Software developers have offered so-called freeware applications for decades. The idea being that the free stuff would entice some people to upgrade to the more feature-rich versions which cost real money. Even though you'd be hard pressed to find many companies that struck it rich going that route, it was, at the very least, good publicity.

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