Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Money Shot: Federici Leaves E Street For Now, Indie Rock Diversity & the RIAA Gets (More) Political...

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Hail indie rock, in all its diversity (L.A. Times)
MS: Gogol Bordello. This New York-based band recasts the music of the Roma people within a kitchen-sink blend of rock, ska, reggae and more that they call "gypsy punk." With Israeli, Russian and Roma members, Gogol Bordello's music reflects the immigrant experience as it's unfolded from Ellis Island to the outer boroughs and suburbs of today's America.

Springsteen organ-player leaves band (NME)
MS: Organist Danny Federici played his last show for the time being in Boston with Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. Springsteen's organist since the 1960s, Federici was diagnosed with the skin cancer melanoma, and left the group to undergo treatment for the condition.

RIAA, MPAA urge pro-copyright vows from presidential candidates (CNET)
MS: RIAA chief Mitch Bainwol put it this way: "When Americans vote, they are making decisions about the values important to them. And one of those values must be a commitment to creativity. For some, that commitment will be a function of the economic significance of intellectual property. For others, that commitment will be about the power of the ideas our content spreads throughout the world. But the commitment to intellectual property rights, whatever the motivation, is what we must look for."

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