Monday, November 12, 2007

The Money Shot: Death to DRM, Zutons Say "Kaisers Suck", Horses Say "Bloggers Suck", Researchers Discover Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll

The latest headlines...

Southern Comfort: An Interview with Band of Horses' Ben Bridwell (Popmatters)
MS: Speaking of the ubiquitous presence of the hyper-critical indie bloggers Bridwell says: “To me it’s just sad. I just don’t like it. I think it’s a sick, sad little fucking aspect, that I don’t know if society as a whole has gotten into, or maybe it’s just the indie community, where people need gossip and they need fucking rumors and they need information and they need it fast. New York as a whole is a bit scary in that way where you come in and everyone seems like they write a blog. Everything’s so amplified there. It’s not a good feeling to me. I just try not to worry about that stuff and just know that the things I like are playing shows.”

Music DRM 'dead by next summer' (The Register)
MS: "By next summer all four major labels will have removed DRM from MP3s," he predicted.

The Zutons attack Kaiser Chiefs (NME)
MS: Speaking about the differences between Mark Ronson's covers of 'Valerie' and Kaiser Chiefs' 'Oh My God', drummer Sean Payne said: "We're better musicians than him [Wilson] to be honest".

Payne picked up on the fact Wilson admitted he forgot how to sing his version of 'Oh My God' and ended up singing Ronson's version instead.

Alarming Study Reveals Rampant Drug, Alcohol Use in Pop Music (Bloomberg)
MS: As a result, the study revealed, impressionable teens are getting the impression that drugs and alcohol are fun. Among the survey's straight-faced revelations are that substance abuse is ``commonly associated with partying (54 percent), sex (46 percent), violence (29 percent) and/or humor (24 percent) in songs that impressionable teenagers listen to.

The report did not disclose what substances, if any, the researchers were on when they were drawing their conclusions.

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