Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Money Shot: Beck & White Stripes Hook Up, Another Record Chain Gone, Art Brut's Drinking Games & Gene Simmons Says "College Kids = Crooks"...

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Interview: The Hold Steady / Art Brut (Pitchfork)
MS: Finn: The bus thing is weird. That's one thing about this tour: I'd say this tour has been very tame for us behavior wise. Because you get in the bus! And usually, the people who are gonna egg you on are the people in that city. We see enough of each other as it is. Galen's not gonna get me all riled up [laughs]. But like my friend from college, from Chicago, will. So that's one of the things, I think. Everyone goes in their own bus. Some of the night there's been drinking after-- I didn't go out last night, but these guys did. And your other band's playing tonight?

Argos: Yeah, the Art Goblins. I was gonna have a day off the drinking, but the Art Goblins is more of a drinking game than a band. [laughs]

Billboard Q&A: Gene Simmons (Billboard)
MS: The record industry doesn't have a f*cking clue how to make money. It's only their fault for letting foxes get into the henhouse and then wondering why there's no eggs or chickens. Every little college kid, every freshly-scrubbed little kid's face should have been sued off the face of the earth. They should have taken their houses and cars and nipped it right there in the beginning. Those kids are putting 100,000 to a million people out of work. How can you pick on them? They've got freckles. That's a crook. He may as well be wearing a bandit's mask.

White Stripes Team With Beck For New Songs (Billboard)
MS: Three 7" colored vinyl singles will hit store shelves Dec. 18, each with the track "Conquest" and a new song co-produced by Beck. The tracks "It's My Fault for Being Famous," "Honey, We Can't Afford to Look This Cheap" and "Cash Grab Complications on the Matter" will appear on the black, white and red version of the records, respectively, with the latter featuring an acoustic Mariachi version of "Conquest."

Music World silenced (Toronto Sun)
MS: "I haven't been in a music store for the past three years," said Richardson, who was with Dargis as she purchased Celine Dion's latest CD. "Why should I pay for it (music), if I can get it for free?" Richardson said.

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