Monday, October 29, 2007

The Money Shot: Prince "Goes Crazy" Over YouTube, Apple v TV, Ringles and Arcade Fire Bites The Hand That Feeds...

The latest headlines...

The Home Video Prince Doesn't Want You to See (ABC News)
MS: Twenty eight people, mostly friends and family, had viewed the YouTube video by June, when mom Stephanie Lenz said she received an e-mail from YouTube informing her that her video had been removed from the site at the request of Universal Music Publishing Group, the recording industry's largest label, and warning her that future copyright infringements on her part could force the Web site to cancel her account.

Brick-and-mortar stores eye new music formats (Reuters)
MS: In the latest attempts, iTunes digital download album cards highlighting specific titles are getting high marks in the early part of the rollout. Meanwhile, merchants await the introduction of the "ringle" -- which aims to revive the CD single in the physical world and allow brick-and-mortar merchants to participate in the ringtone phenomenon.

Arcade Fire discuss the bitter taste of success (Guardian)
MS: "I don't like the process of having to promote an album and talk about it," he says, flatly, "and I learnt pretty early on that the artist always seems like the asshole in the situation, no matter what you do. Even if, like, someone was poking you in the face and you went 'fucking stop that!', when the article comes out, it'll be like that happened in slow motion." He mimes giving someone the finger in slow motion, then sighs. "You can't win "

Apple in a Fight for Rights to TV Shows (Washington Post)
MS: "I don't see video as the driving force behind iPod sales," Adam C. Engst, publisher of Apple news Web site, wrote in an e-mail. "Music is why people buy iPods, and that won't be changing any time soon -- you can't watch TV while jogging or driving."

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