Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Money Shot: New B-52's is "hot pink"!, Paste Gives Itself Away, Big Media's Clueless & Elvis Kicks Cobain's Ass

The latest headlines...

Paste invites readers to choose own subscription price (uh... Paste)
MS: “We were curious to know what our customers thought we were worth. And what better way to find out, than to let them tell us?” explained Paste President/Publisher Tim Regan-Porter. “While it’s certainly a bit unconventional, we also see it as a chance to get our product in the hands of people who could become lifelong fans. It’s been our experience that once people become familiar with Paste, they turn into loyal readers.”

Diller: Big Media Late to Web Party (Ad Week)
MS: Former entertainment mogul Barry Diller said Wednesday that when it comes to the disruptive power of the Internet, incumbent media companies still "don't get it," with the possible exception of News Corp.

The B-52's To Release First Studio Album In 16 Years (Plug In Music)
MS: "It's loud, sexy rock and roll for your pleasure zones, with the beat pumped up to hot pink," Strickland said in a statement.

Top-Earning Dead Celebrities (Forbes)
MS: Meanwhile, the brightest star of 2006 doesn't even appear on this year's list. Kurt Cobain, former frontman of grunge band Nirvana, debuted on the list in first place last year after his widow, Courtney Love, sold part of his song catalog for a reported $50 million. But while the deal opened the door for future ad dollars, Cobain's 2007 earnings weren't enough for him to stay on the list.

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